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We hire uplifting modern art to offices and businesses in London and the Home Counties. We help our clients select art to hire and then we deliver and install the art. And every three months you can rotate new art. Call us on 0207 359 3964. Click here to return to the main website.

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home    [office art, corporate art work, rent artwork, hire paintings, art rental, art for offices, renting paintings, hiring canvas, modern art, leasing pictures, prints]
about    [about, art rental service, how hire art work]
what we do    [artwork, art, modern art, rental, about, rent, hire]
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our customers    [artwork, customers, clients, offices, business centres, restaurants, estate agents, beauty salons, doctors, dentists, accountants, solicitors]
how it works    [artwork, visit, select, vote, delivery, installation, deliver artwork, install artwork, rotatation, rotate artwork]
online selection tool    [select modern art, staff vote, choose artwork, online art selection tool]
picture hanging system    [hang paintings, pictures, hanging, wall, artwork install]
where    [art rental service, where, Islington, London, Home Counties]
benefits    [art, rental, benefits, display art work, hiring pictures benefits]
benefits of displaying modern art    [art, benefit, impress, reward, motivate, staff, benefits of art]
benefits of renting modern art    [art, renting, advantages, hire art work, freedom, flexibility, switch, cash-flow friendly, art depreciation]
benefits of GingerWhite art rental    [specialist, art, rental, hire art cuts costs, artists, vet art, uplifting art, choose art, friendly, deliver art, install art]
artwork    [artwork, images, office art, corporate art work, rent artwork, hire paintings, renting paintings, hiring canvas, modern art, leasing pictures, prints]
by theme    [themes art, by theme, artwork themes, modern art]
aura    [art, aura, fine art prints, abstract, figurative, sublime colour, texture, drawing, Blue Shoes, Oriental Still Life, Golden Aura, Couture Shoes, Forest, Silk Square, office art hire]
bits'n'bobs    [bits'n'bobs, photography, still life art, fun artwork, hire artwork]
brazilian soul     [Brazilian art, abstract, contemporary paintings, rent, acrylics, box canvas, vivid Brazilian colours, artwork, hire]
closer    [closer, photography, aluminium, modern art, minute detail, derelict walls, hoardings, rust, lichen, paint splatter, peeling stickers, lunar landscapes, lava flows.]
cornish delight    [charcoal, pastel, oil, paintings, canvas, coastal, landscapes, Cornwall, rent, art, Chapel Porth, tide, Bedruthin Steps, Kynance Cove, beach, Church Cove, Gunwalloe, coastline, rocks]
colourscapes    [architecture, photographic art, surfaces, reflects modern day life, colour & light, colour trap techniques]
fly away    [art, photography, birds, wings, natural world, lease art, Eagle, Crane, Sandhill Cranes, Snow Geese, Peacock, Horned Puffins, Tengmalm's Owl, Black Swan, Dalmatian Pelicans, flying]
funky floral    [art, funky, floral, paintings, picture, modern art, hire, for offices]
golden layers    [paintings, golden leaf, layered acrylic paintings, silver leaft art, modern abstract art]
graphic    [acrylic paintings, graphic, linear, abstract, colour, shape, scale, art, rent]
haven    [energitic, watercolours, pictures, prints, limited editions, art prints, rent, seaside, harbour, coast, artwork, hire]
icatcher    [striking, conceptual art works, original, limited editions art prints, rent stunning art for offices]
iconic    [iconic art, rock, pop, film, iconic contemporary, icons, pop art, acrylic on canvas, modern art for offices]
lollipop man    [illustration, cartoon, artwork,super-hero, lollipop, man, humour, fun art for office]
london town    [striking photography, London, landmarks, Battersea powerstation, Thames at Putney, The Tate, Millenium Bridge, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye, St Pauls, Big Ben]
long people    [contemporary, giclee print, long people, urban art, limited edition prints, modern art, hire]
morocco magic    [oil paintings, box canvas, streets, Morocco, uplifting colours, rent art, Ouarzazate, Essaouira, Chefchouen, streets, medina, Ouarzazate, walls, door, arches, Fes, hire artwork]
northern dawn    [photography, mounted, aluminium, landscapes, Norway, rent, images, photos, photographs, hire, modern, artwork]
out of orient    [art, out of the orient, Japan, fine art prints, rent Japanese art, hire Oriental culture, Far-Eastern modern art]
paper alligator    [bold, colourful, painted paper collage, acrylics, ink drawings, sense of humour, playfulnessart, alliagator, hippo, giraffe, art rental, illustration, hire illustrations]
pure    [nature, art, photography, paintings, picture ferns, picture pine, photo star, rent art, photograph purple fern, rockpool, nature, corporate art hire]
radiant    [collagraph, etching, print techniques, multilayered imagery, art, rent, rich, textural surfaces, atmospheres, light, rural and urban environments, artwork modern, hire]
retro    [retro art, graphical artwork, retro design, retro for offices]
rounded    [contemporary, stylish, mixed media, paintings, brown shades, shapes, rent art, modern interiors, hire artwork]
salty chips    [photography, seaside towns, South East, coast, England, British seaside, endearing, nostalgic, chips, Salt'n'vinegar, Ice-cream, Saint George, Pickles, Donkeys, Deck chairs, Beach hut, pebbles]
sensations    [semi-abstract, art, expressionist, rent, paintings, acrylic, oil, box canvas, hire artwork]
shape up    [modern, semi-abstract, paintings, acrylics, box canvas, shape forms, office art rental]
shimmer    [abstract, art, paintings, acrylic, rent artwork, box canvas, stretched canvas, hire]
sharks in custard    [digital illustrations, colourful, wacky knock on life, digital art, rent, digitally drawn, art work hire]
x-ray eyes    [art, x-ray, rotegenography, images, x-rays, botanical specimens, inanimate objects, beautiful structures, invisible, lease artwork]
the y-factor    [caricatures, famous people, personalities, celebrity, digital art, rent, geometrically, geometric, digitally drawn, art work hire]
by medium    [art medium, by mediums, original painting, photography, digital canvas, fine art print, illustration]
original paintings    [original paintings, acrylics, oils, charcoals, mixed media, paintings, canvas, rent, modern art]
photography    [photography, image, rent, photographs, art, modern photography, artwork, photo, office photography]
digital canvas prints    [digital art, digitally printe, box canvasses, digital canvas prints, rent digital art]
cartoons & illustrations    [cartoons, illustrations, humour art, fun artwork, rent cartoon, hire illustration, modern art]
art prints    [modern art prints, limited edition, collagraph print, etching printwork, giclee art prints, mounted artwork, framed modern art ]
other artwork    [other modern artwork, rent, unusual art mediums]
prices    [art rental prices, office art hire costs, picture leasing pricing, hire paintings fees, picture rental prices]
art rental prices    [art rental prices, office art hire costs, picture leasing pricing, hire paintings fees, picture rental prices]
how we keep art rental prices low    [art rental prices, low, affordable art, on-line presence, emerging artists, art rental specialist, art delivery, art installation ]
contact    [GingerWhite, contact, art rental service, corporate art enquiries, office art hire questions]
general art rental enquiries    [GingerWhite, contact, art rental service, corporate art enquiries, office art hire questions]
artists enquiries and artwork submissions    [GingerWhite, contact, artists, enquiry, art submissions]
news    [news, art news, press releases, Ginger White, art rental]
press room    [press room, media, journalists, line of business, fast facts, what we believe in, image bank, need a story]
artists-join    [artist, join, GingerWhite, artists, art review, art work submissions]
art submission guidelines    [artist, join, GingerWhite, artists, art review, art work submissions, guidelines submit art]
artist rental share agreements    [artist, rental, share, agreements, join, GingerWhite, artists]
faq    [FAQ, frequently asked questions, office art rental service, sell picture? rental contract? short term art rentals? minimum order size? where rent art? change the pictures? selecting artwork?]
links    [GingerWhite, links, office art links, hire corporate art links]
terms    [terms, conditions, GingerWhite, art rental, website, hire art service conditions]

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